A Successful Approach To Implementing Productivity Solutions

Our Successful Approach

Our Successful Approach In Productivity Solutions Is Built On Understanding – Leadership – Execution


Working With Your Team

The Driving Force

A Successful Approach to implementing productivity solutions is built on understanding, leadership and execution.

A successful approach to productivity solutions creates an environment for Excellence in Process Execution and Performance uses FIVE steps.

#1 – A successful approach starts with understanding gained by evaluation and assessment of the present situation.


  • Owner/Management commitment to an improvement program
  • The present operating and financial condition
  • The “projected” improvement opportunity
  • The urgency for the changes
  • The company resources available to the effort

#2 – A successful approach understands what your performance is today!

The elusive key to understanding what your performance is today is identifying “what needs to be measured and each metrics starting value”.

#3 – A successful approach understands what your performance needs to be – by when!

Having identified the “today’s performance, we now need to adjust the metrics value for the “desired” future performance.   Knowing your customers, industry, competitors and yourself is essential in doing this!

#4 – A successful approach identifies the methods, tasks and resources to achieve the desired performance.

From a multitude of “methods” the selection of what needs to be done will be based on the application of “biggest gain for the least investment”. Each improvement initiative should pay for itself and provide resources for the next opportunity.

#5 – A successful approach supports the improvement process with leadership and resources to get tasks done – ON TIME!

This critical aspect of success and will:

– Formalize the process improvement effort.

– Focus attention on the progress being made.

– Provide “data” to evaluate what is, or isn’t, happening as planned.

Conclusion On A Successful Approach To Implementing Productivity Solutions

A straight forward five step proven successful approach combining client staff and experienced resources of – Visionary Solution Resources – to provide the foresight, methods and support to link vision and tasks for team members.